Cedexis Adds New Relic Support To Its Real-Time Cloud Routing Platform

Cedexis logoWe have great news for developers using the Cedexis platform. The real-time cloud routing service now offers New Relic Standard free of charge to all its customers. New Relic is fully supported by Cedexis Fusion so that users can pull application performance data into Openmix and take action on the current state of their applications. Now Cedexis lets developers use New Relic’s app performance data to dynamically adjust their cloud routing decisions.

Greg Unrein, Director of Products at Cedexis said, “… we are committed to delivering the best possible performance to users by intelligently routing traffic to the best delivery platform – at any give time and place. Leveraging data collected by New Relic helps us and our customers do just that.”

To get started using New Relic with Openmix today:

1. Sign up for a New Relic Standard account.
2. Add your New Relic account credentials to your Cedexis portal.
3. Associate New Relic with your platforms.
4. Update your Openmix applications to pull in your New Relic data.

See the Cedexis partner page for more information. We look forward to working with Cedexis and all its customers.  As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments.


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