Case Study: See how SpanishDict, the largest Spanish language learning site, delivers superior app performance

SpanishDict is the world’s largest Spanish language-learning website. It provides easy-to-use resources for learning Spanish including videos, multi-media flashcards, a Q&A database, and Spanish-to-English translation tools. Every year since 2008, has experienced exponential growth. The site receives over 5 million visitors per month and its users come from all over the world. Site performance and reliability are paramount for the small company, and both were being stretched by the incredible growth the company was experiencing.

Originally, SpanishDict  used a number of tools to find, analyze, and track performance problems. Each tool only showed a small piece of the puzzle and the company wasn’t getting a holistic view of what was going on inside their application. They had almost no visibility into the areas causing degradation.

SpanishDict chose New Relic for its unified approach. After implementation, the team was able to pinpoint performance issues downs to the line of code. More importantly, New Relic presented the information in priority sequence so the team knew which problems to address first. This was the first time the team had this level of insight and it was a tremendous asset.

Chris Cummings, SpanishDict’s CEO says, “With New Relic, we were able to prioritize the code optimizations that would do the most to speed up our site. With other tools, we only saw a piece of the entire performance puzzle. But with New Relic, we were able to pinpoint areas in the code that were slowing down the site and we could fix them one by one – in priority sequence. In particular, we were able to identify a couple SQL queries that were dragging down performance and … identify a few third party services that were providing inconsistent – and sometimes very slow – response times.”

Cummings and his team use New Relic’s single APM tool to get a complete picture of their application’s performance. It has significantly improved their efficiency and productivity. They appreciate New Relic’s commitment to new features and capabilities. As Cummings says, “New Relic offers an integrated tool set that continues to grow with new functionality. It’s a very solid product that does an incredible job of monitoring and organizing performance data that our app generates. In a word, it’s impressive.”

We are excited to have SpanishDict join our user community. Read the full case studyto find out more about how SpanishDict uses New Relic.

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