Case Study: RimuHosting Recommends New Relic Hosting to its Customers

RimuHosting logoFounded in 2003 by Peter Bryant, New Zealand-based RimuHosting was one of the first Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS) companies. The company’s goal is to offer a flexible, reliable hosting service and make their customers “deliriously happy.” Rimuhosting does not have a sales, marketing or support department. Instead its employees, comprised of Linux experts, are encouraged to do a bit of everything, and go above and beyond to delight its customers with the company’s hosting services.

Today RimuHosting is a fast growing company with thousands of servers for thousands of customers around the world. As a hosting provider, it’s crucial that the company’s web servers are up and running 24/7 at they control both the host servers and the virtual servers (VPS) running on the host servers. A while ago, the RimuHosting team began experiencing some performance degradation and unexplained issues that couldn’t be diagnosed. They knew something was wrong, but they couldn’t determine exactly what it was. In addition, the team found that ongoing performance monitoring was becoming a more substantial task, and the tools they were using to track down bugs and errors were proving to be slow and painful.

RimuHosting was already looking for a better performance monitoring and management solution when someone from on its team saw an ad for New Relic on Twitter. “New Relic was fast and easy to install and get running,” says Liz Quilty, Linux Sys Admin at RimuHosting. “[The] developers had to do their own installs and the team was so impressed that they started using it on everything.” Many of their tasks, from diagnosing and solving issues to managing performance and keeping its customers happy, suddenly got a lot easier.

The company is thrilled with the results they have achieved using New Relic. “We spend a lot less time on code and a lot more time on our websites, and better yet, even more time with our customers,” says Liz. “For a growing company, that’s so important. Our customers require less support overall.”

RimuHosting is so satisfied with the visibility that the APM solution provides them, that they recommend New Relic to all their customers. “Once New Relic is installed and the customer is comfortable with it, we almost never hear form them. They find it much easier to diagnose their own problems, eliminating them and resolving problems quickly…” adds Liz. “Once they have optimized their own web application code, they usually need fewer resources from us – which is good for them and good for us.”

Liz concludes, “New Relic is brilliant. It allows us to support thousands of customers around the globe with a small staff. It facilitates our growth by allowing us to provide the best service we can and by referring New Relic to our customers, it makes them better too.”

See the complete case study to see how New Relic helps RimuHosting monitor and manage thousands of virtual servers and thousands of customers around the world.'

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