Case Study: New Relic Helps Paper Culture Redefine How Modern Stationery is Delivered

Paper Culture logoPaper Culture is on a mission. The eco-friendly company strives to deliver modern, environmentally friendly stationery that is as unique as the life events it helps its customers celebrate. The self-proclaimed “stationery fanatics” attract customers to their eCommerce site with modern designs, premium paper quality, and a free Mail and Message service.

Equally important to the company is their commitment to operating with the smallest environmental footprint possible. From day one, Paper Culture pledged that no new trees will be cut down for its customers’ cards. It uses exclusively 100% post-consumer recycled paper and plants a tree for each customer order. In addition, the company uses recycled paper in their printers, CFL light bulbs in their offices, non-toxic cleaning products in their kitchen, and what it can’t eliminate, it offsets as a CarbonFree® partner of

Potential customers find Paper Culture through a number of channels, including search engines and social media. Its offerings include its main eCommerce site and its social media destinations, such as its Facebook page which has over 130,000 fans. Customers often spend hours crafting personalized messages to their friends, family and contacts using the free Mail and Message service for their distribution.

Paper Culture’s eCommerce site regularly receives seasonal spikes in traffic due to promotional email blasts from their partners and themselves. During holiday seasons, these promotions can go viral resulting in peak processing loads. The company is dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction, which means lighting fast performance and 100% uptime.

In the past, Paper Culture often did not learn about slow performance or other issues until they were reported from its customers. When such a report was received, its technical team would spend hours searching through logs to find the particular line of code that was causing the performance problem. The team was increasingly frustrated with the complexity of diagnosing and solving these issues in their existing environment.

When its technical team discovered New Relic, they were immediately delighted by simple and fast implementation. “New Relic was easy to deploy,” said Jon Wu, Director of Engineering at Paper Culture. “We were up and running in almost no time. New Relic was essentially Plug and Go — and that was impressive.”

Paper Culture on FacebookToday, New Relic monitors Paper Culture’s complete end-to-end application. The team uses New Relic like an early warning system to see what’s going on and save valuable time by finding and fixing performance problems quickly. “We used to rely on customers to learn if there was an issue,” stated Wu. “Now I rely on New Relic to ‘speak up’ when there is a problem. It gives me more confidence that we are on top of issues when they arise.” Now the team can proactively fix performance problems before customers become aware of them. He added, “We’ve optimized some functions we didn’t realize were slow, especially within our eCommerce suite where New Relic revealed queries that we could make faster.”

Wu considers the discovery of New Relic a lucky break for Paper Culture. “It’s changed the way we work today,” he summarized. “In the year since New Relic was deployed, we’ve saved days, even a few weeks, of time on QA and troubleshooting issues. Today, we spend more time on development and less time on worrying. As the Lion King says it’s our ‘hakuna matata’ — our no worries and problem-free philosophy.”

Read the full case study to see how New Relic helped Paper Culture redefine how modern stationery is delivered. And if you’re a Joyent customer like Paper Culture, you can also get New Relic Standard for free. Go to to sign up.'

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