Case Study: New Relic Helps Bleacher Report Calm the Madness

Bleacher Report logoAs March Madness heads into its final weekend, the Bleacher Report (B/R) team can finally take a deep breath. During the month of March, fans deluge its community driven sports site and mobile application as they look for the latest news and information about their favorite teams. The first part of March brings both the NFL draft and the NBA trading deadline, each of which brings a burst of fan visits to the site. Throughout March, the core site process over 50,000 requests per minute (RPM) at its peak, way up from its average of 60 – 70 million visits and over 650 page views per month.

With a self-imposed goal of 99.9% uptime, the company makes specific plans for March’s huge traffic spike. New Relic’s application performance monitoring tool is a critical part of these efforts. Bleacher Report depends on New Relic to achieve its performance goals and meet unexpected demand as traffic surges around breaking news stories.

Bleacher Report New Relic screen“New Relic is the core of our performance monitoring with a large screen up in our development and operations room to monitor our sites and catch any performance changes as they occur,” says Sam Parnell, B/R’s VP of Engineering. “We monitor every single piece of production — our web systems,, and the mobile website — all day, everyday.”

With a third of all its users accessing B/R through mobile devices, mobile performance is critical to reader expansion and engagement. The company strives to have mobile performance equal to the performance of its core site. New Relic’s Real User Monitoring feature is imperative to achieving this goal as it provides a comprehensive overview of every page on the site.

“Using a tool like New Relic has been revolutionary in the way we work,” Sam adds. “By providing us with clear visibility into what is going on all the time, it has moved us into continuous performance monitoring and management … It makes our work and measuring the impact of our actions visible for the whole team. Planning for March Madness is always a challenge and 2012 has been a banner year for Bleacher Report. Certainly, New Relic lets us all breathe a little easier and enjoy the excitement just like our fans do.”

See the full Bleacher Report case study for more information on how New Relic helps B/R scale performance peaks and valleys.'

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