Case Study: FIT Radio Boosts Uptime with Help from New Relic

FIT Radio LogoLaunched in 2011, FIT Radio streams fast-paced, carefully chosen DJ-engineered music to energize any trip to the gym. The company delivers on-the-go, high BPM music across a range of genres — from house to rock to hip-hop — through mobile and desktop apps. The basic service is free, with a premium option available to users who prefer their music with zero advertisements.

Discovering Performance Issues Before Users Do
When FIT Radio launched, application monitoring was often a user generated phenomenon. “In a lot of cases, we didn’t know about performance issues until users notified us,” says Dirk Ringersma, Director of Technology and Development at FIT Radio. “We would receive an email from a user and then we’d investigate. The whole process was, for us, almost entirely reactive.”

To make matters worse, investigations were frequently slow to determine the exact source of any given problem. “For example, users might report that they had trouble logging in,” says Ringersma. “Our team would spend the next few hours — or more — trying to figure out why.”

Not surprisingly, some performance issues would go unresolved for days — with serious consequences for FIT Radio’s uptime.

New Insight into the Production Environment
FIT Radio now counts on New Relic to monitor both the company’s development environment and its live environment. “Every developer knows the frustration of encountering problems in production that you didn’t anticipate in test,” says Ringersma. “But now, when unanticipated problems occur in production, New Relic points us exactly where we need to go.”

Developers at FIT Radio no longer spend days — or even multiple hours — trying to troubleshoot a performance issue. With help from New Relic, most issues are now resolved in less than an hour, with the bulk of resolutions taking fewer than 20 minutes. “Prior to using this software, we frequently didn’t find errors until changes had been live on site for days or longer,” says Ringersma. “Now, most of our errors occur during an update. That’s a quick and easy fix: we just roll back the update, figure out what the problem was, and push out a new one.”

Better Uptime Than Ever
Thanks in large part to New Relic, FIT Radio now delivers better uptime than ever. “Our uptime is basically 99.999%,” says Ringersma. “Prior to New Relic, we were maybe at 98%. Customers notice that. Best of all, we no longer rely on users to perform site monitoring for us — and that goes a long way toward improving customer satisfaction.”

Read the Full Case Study
To find out how New Relic helped FIT Radio cut its troubleshooting time from hours to minutes, read the full case study.

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