Case Study: Fashiolista Sees Massive Growth in User Activity with Help from New Relic

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Fashiolista is a worldwide social network for fashion inspiration. Its members create online profiles where they can save and share fashion discoveries, purchase their favorite fashions, and browse profiles of other members for inspiration. The company’s global community includes many of the world’s top fashion bloggers and influencers, putting members in touch with some of the industry’s most innovative players.

Launched in the spring of 2010, the company has seen the kind of explosive growth every entrepreneur dreams of. Fashiolista now has over  a million member in 165 countries and gets more than 100 million pageviews per month.

“We’re growing at an exponential rate,” says Thierry Schellenbach, Fashiolista’s Co-Founder and CTO. “That would present challenges for any company, but social networks are particularly challenging because they’re so difficult to scale. Every page is unique. There’s a very high density of activity on the site, with many users spending six or eight hours a day with us. Some of our more famous members are so popular that they attract a very high proportion of use space, which creates a challenge for our database.”

Fashiolista: Follow their styleInitially the company ran a self-hosted data center, but migrated its hosting environment to Amazon Web Services as it gained traction. Shortly afterward, Thierry and his team realized their stash-and-query approach was not helping them spot performance problems. “When we began searching for a better solution, it didn’t take long to determine that New Relic was the best option out there,” he says. “The software integrates extremely well into our environment. It’s so easy to use. And it gives us far faster, smarter insights that our previous application could even begin to provide.”

New Relic provides Thierry and his team fast access to crucial data. “Prior to using this software, we would often spend half an hour simply trying to extract the data necessary to understand the source of the problem, “ he explains. “New Relic reduces that step from 30 minutes to an instant. That’s a huge benefit when you’re trying to solve an issue that may be compromising the online experience for our members.”

Now with New Relic, Fashiolista is better equipped than ever to maintain optimum site performance. And such improvements have contributed significantly to Fashiolista’s success.

Thierry sums it up this way. “Better site performance many seem like a geeky goal, but the fact is that it carries a very real dollar value. The health of our site is synonymous with the health of our company. And New Relic has been a major player in our ongoing efforts to make Fashiolista run faster, better and smarter.”

Read the full case study to see how New Relic helped Fashiolista optimize its website for massive growth.

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