Case Study: Fanzter Boosts Web and Mobile App Performance with New Relic

Fanzter logoFanzter is a small company with a big presence. Its popular websites and mobile apps help consumers find cool, new content and stay up-to-date on the latest celebrity news, fashion, and style. Its flagship product,, is a leading source for celebrity fashion trends and click-to-buy shopping. Content from Coolspotters also flows into their CoolPapers app for finding unique wallpapers for iPhones and iPads. The company introduced two new iOS apps in 2010: Streaks, a motivational calendar and goal tracker, and Summizer, a tool for searching and tracking topics on Twitter.

Fanzter serves over 32 million page views a month and had over 20 million users in 2011. Every member of its lean team knows that app speed and performance drives the company’s revenue.

An early adopter of New Relic’s APM tool, Fanzter immediately saw the benefits of New Relic’s feature rich service and simple Ruby on Rails agent. New Relic allowed the company to manage performance in real-time, and quickly identify and their root causes. As the tool has evolved, Fanzter has quickly installed and implemented new features such as Real User and Server Monitoring.

“New Relic lets me sleep well,” says Joshua Warchol, Fanzter’s VP of technology. “Knowing that my apps are monitored all the time and more importantly, knowing that I understand my apps’ performance characteristics allows me to make informed decisions. I know what ‘normal’ is and I have the tools to let me know when there is a problem. New Relic guides me as I dig in and find out why and what to fix.”

Read the full Fanzter Case Studyto find out how New Relic helps boost performance for Fanzter’s web and mobile applications.

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