Case Study: Cinchcast Goes on the Air Every Day with New Relic

Cinchcast logoAs a fast growing company, Cinchcast takes web performance very seriously. Its cloud-based audio performance platform makes it easy for companies of all sizes to create, share, measure, and monetize audio content with audiences anywhere in the world. Cinchcast’s simple, yet powerful solution enables businesses and organizations to produce and share original audio content without the burden of additional hardware, software or logistics overhead.

On a monthly basis, Cinchcast’s media property, BlogTalkRadio, hosts more than 35,000 hours of original content, attracts over 13 million unique visitors, and powers 15 million streams and 175 million ad impressions. The Cinchcast team is keenly aware that site performance is critical to participant engagement. Therefore, the company sees performance as a critical factor for their continued success.

To deliver superior performance, Cinchcast needed insight and deep visibility into its applications components. It wanted to understand which components in the application were taking significantly more time than others and how fast the website loaded from an end-user perspective. “Initially we knew that certain pages took longer to load than we would like so we started there,” said company CTO Aleksandr Yampolskiy. “New Relic helped us quickly identify the problem spots so we could optimize them.”

Within five months of installing New Relic, Cinchcast improved its site performance by 40 percent. And today, its development team uses New Relic to track performance on all their sites. “We use New Relic like a x-ray to see into every aspect of our platform and determine what we can improve,” Alex adds. “It give us both the big picture and points us to specific areas where we can achieve the biggest performance improvements.”

As Cinchcast’s momentum and leadership in the audio publishing and broadcasting space continues to accelerate, it knows it has the tools in place to keep its audio platform running at peak performance. “We’re a growing company and our enterprise customers expect and need reliability and superior performance for every audio broadcast. We take performance seriously,” Alex concludes. “We monitor performance all the time, 24×7. Adding our weekly performance analysis and review session helps us to continually evolve and optimize our audio platform to support our rapidly expanding business.” And that’s exactly what its customers expect.

See the full Cinchcast case study for more information on how New Relic helps it deliver reliability and superior performance.'

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