Case Study: Applicake Turns Up the Heat with New Relic

Founded in 2006 and based in Poland, Applicake is a software development company that specializes in custom Ruby web applications, iOS applications, and native Android applications for clients around the world. The company has a staff of 22 who are passionate about building software the Appliway.

Applicake provides two levels of service for their customers:

– Application development which is turned over to the customer to run and manage
– Application development and server architecture management for clients on Amazon Web Services

Originally Applicake used multiple products for reviewing and understanding errors, and for server monitoring. Their team had to dig through log files, error reports, and server density reports from different sources and locations to find and resolve problems. The process was tedious and time consuming, usually taking hours and sometimes even days to complete. Applicake knew they needed a faster and more efficient way to find and fix these issues.

In 2008, the company selected New Relic to provide application performance management and monitoring. Applicake found the tool easy to install and began pinpointing performance problems almost immediately. Today the company uses New Relic to monitor all their applications. The tool shows them exactly what’s going on with each application, identifies any problems, shows their location, and allows them to quickly resolve any issues. If a page performs slowly, they use the APM tool to determine if the issue is related to a third-party service or an overloaded database.

Applicake found that using New Relic to prevent, find, and resolve performance issue has saved them hours per incident. “What now takes us a matter of say, five minutes, used to take us an hour or more,” says Applicake System Administrator Mateusz Zawisza. “Part of this is that we no longer have to deal with different tools to see different aspects of the puzzle. It’s all in New Relic which has allowed us to decommission some other tools we were using. New Relic is the first place I check to identify the source of the problem when something goes wrong.”

Zawisza sums Applicake’s appreciation for New Relic this way: “When New Relic was only application monitoring, we all thought it to be a great product. It’s super useful in debugging issues with our applications. Now with server monitoring and the new MAP feature, it’s a ‘must have’ for running web applications. New Relic is a superior product and we, at Applicake, count on it every day to save us time and effort.”

Read the full case studyto see how New Relic helps Applicake extend insight to external services and connections.

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