With the first wave of the baby boomer generation starting to reach retirement age, the challenge of providing quality care for seniors is only going to get bigger over time.

Caremerge logoCaremerge is leveraging technology to meet this challenge head on. For seniors residing in assisted living or senior care facilities, Caremerge offers a cloud-based care-coordination platform that is designed to connect the entire team of caregivers—doctors, nurses, healthcare workers—making it easy to share real-time information about patients, improving overall care and providing families with peace of mind about their loved ones with status updates delivered directly via the app.

Used by nearly 30,000 healthcare providers managing 15,000 patients across 130 facilities, Caremerge must ensure that its system is up and running and secure at all times. As the company began to scale its infrastructure, it found it needed to better monitor its servers and get improved insight into the performance of its Node.js framework. This is when Caremerge turned to New Relic.

To gain insight into its complex system, Caremerge implemented a number of New Relic solutions, including New Relic APM.

Fahad Aziz headshot

Fahad Aziz, co-founder and CTO of Caremerge

When the company started looking at New Relic data, it discovered there were a number of SQL queries in its application that were consuming a lot more resources than they should have been. “We went back and fixed those SQL queries in just a matter of a few days,” says Fahad Aziz, co-founder and chief technology officer of Caremerge.

The company is now able to manage the performance, number of threads, and heap size of its Node.js framework using the Node.js agent for New Relic. What Aziz finds most exciting about New Relic’s server and infrastructure monitoring is that now, “The developers and engineers who are actually building the product can see in real time how their piece is behaving in conjunction with all the other apps,” making them more conscious about how they write their code.

Caremerge is now used by 130 facilities and 30,000 care providers every day. This is not possible without New Relic.

—Fahad Aziz, co-founder and CTO of Caremerge

Today, New Relic gives Caremerge an all-in-one view of how its system is performing—from the server to the Web application. Improved insight into its data is helping the company to make better strategic business decisions as well as securely scale its application to meet growth demands.

As the saying goes, “With age comes wisdom.” New Relic gives even a young company like Caremerge a jump start, providing the data and insights to make wiser business decisions today.

To learn more about CareMerge’s success with New Relic, watch the video below:

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