When you want to sell to the federal government, it behooves you to pick your partners wisely—and it’s no accident that we chose to work with trusted government IT solutions provider Carahsoft Technology Corp. to distribute New Relic’s products to public sector customers.

See press release: New Relic Launches Partnership With Carahsoft Technology Corp.

carahsoft logoThis is a critical time for government IT. The federal government, along with state and local government agencies and higher education institutions, are looking to new technologies like cloud computing, Software-as-a-Service, and advanced development methodologies such as DevOps to help drive their digital transformation.

New Relic is dedicated to becoming a key part of a new technology stack that can help bring government agencies into the 21st century, with powerful software analytics solutions. Modern software approaches are designed to dramatically improve service while also saving big bucks in many government applications. The trend is reflected in the numbers: According to the U.S. Government’s IT Dashboard, federal IT spending is expected to grow 2.5% annually from 2014-2016, while cloud spending is expected to increase at 16.7% per year over the same period.

The incredible importance of partners

Most software vendors who do business with the government work through partners, and New Relic is no exception. In fact, every deal we’ve done in the federal space has gone through partners, and with our newly announced partnership with the industry’s leading government solutions provider, Carahsoft, all the government business we do will flow through Carahsoft as our master government aggregator. The Carahsoft deal signals that New Relic is “open for business” for government and higher education sales.

Carahsoft is able to generate unique volume and velocity for its partners’ sales efforts. Its phenomenal sales organization has the resources to address virtually all RFPs and other opportunities in the federal space and its marketing and demand-gen capabilities are second to none. The team lives by the numbers, and they do an extremely good job. Carahsoft has been instrumental in building successful federal businesses for several leading software vendors, from VMware and Salesforce to Adobe and Red Hat, among many others.

Just as important, a partnership with Carahsoft isn’t your run-of-the-mill distribution deal. The team invests in you from day one, working with you as an extension of your own sales and marketing team to drive business. At the same time, because Carahsoft is our aggregator, our channel partners can leverage our relationship to do business with the federal government.

A new chapter in the channel

Working with Carahsoft represents an exciting new chapter in New Relic’s channel business, and we’re thrilled with our initial progress. New Relic’s complete SaaS offering has recently been added to Carahsoft’s NASA SEWP contract, a Governmentwide Acquisition Contract from which federal end users can order New Relic products. And Carahsoft is already enabled and executing against our Go-to-Market plan to develop a pipeline for sales to the federal government as well as state and local governments and higher-education institutions.

Along with Carahsoft, my team is working hard to accelerate our efforts in the government market, and we look forward to the chance for New Relic to help government agencies and institutions better understand the performance of their software to create better digital experiences for their customers—the citizens of the United States.


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John Gray is senior vice president of business development at New Relic. He has nearly three decades of channels leadership experience, including channels leadership for LivePerson, a SaaS leader in digital engagement, and leading technology channels for Oracle for nine years. View posts by .

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