Call for experts: Are you a developer or engineer who wants to share best practices? Write for this blog!

Care about web performance? Think you can help others write better, faster, cleaner code? Starting now, we’re going to be increasing our blog content and rebuilding helpful sites like our old RailsLab project that we started back in 2009!  Our web sites get hundreds of thousands of visits a month and the traffic is growing fast!

Themes we’re focused on?
Best practices for developers and operations folks on:

– Python
– Ruby / Ruby On Rails
– Java
– .NET
– App Performance
– Mobile Performance
– Devops
– Web operations

What are we looking for?
– High quality, unique material, formatted as:
– Blog posts
– Tutorials
– How-to videos
– Tips, Tricks
– Thoughts on the future of coding
– Technical content
– Real life case studies and solutions to hard problems
– Relevant infographics

What you get?
– Visibility and maybe a little street credibility with your peers
– Personal brand association with the hottest performance tool out there (our own horn: toot toot!)
– Money.  For the right people with the right fit and content, we’re happy to pay for valuable content!  Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly contributions welcome!

What we get?
– Awesome, thoughtful content about our industry
– A view into our customer’s world
– Brand association with some of the smartest people out there

Interested?  Email John Essex here and let him know you’re interested!  We really want to hear from you!

This is a true community, grassroots effort – over the coming weeks, we’ll be launching a new look and navigation for the blog, but it all starts with great content and information!

NOTE:  Original content only.  Please don’t steal other people’s work.  We reserve the right to refuse any content or materials.'

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