Browser Wars: A New Installment of our Ongoing Series on Browser Speed

It’s time for another installment of our “Browser Wars” blog series. Thanks to our Real User Monitoring (RUM) feature, we are able to periodically report on average browser speed experienced by the end users of the nearly 700,000 application instances monitored by New Relic. For the curious, New Relic monitors just over 1 million pageviews a minute at peak; about 40 billion a month. That’s double the number of pageviews we were monitoring at the time of the last browser wars post in April. Big Data indeed.

Why do we share this information? Because, no matter how fast your app code is, at the end of the day it’s the end user’s experience that can make or break how your app is perceived. First impressions matter, speed matters and every (sub) second counts. On to the data …

Browser Wars: Which Browsers Are Fastest'

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