Announcing Browser Monitoring Support for New Microsoft Edge Browser

Windows 10Windows 10 logo is here. With it comes Microsoft’s next-generation Web browser: Microsoft Edge. The company’s faster and more streamlined browser sports a new rendering engine (EdgeHTML) that Microsoft promises will do away with years of Internet Explorer’s oddities and inconsistent support of Web standards. Microsoft has also launched a website designed to give more visibility into the browser’s roadmap.

The biggest change in the move from IE to Edge is not shiny new features, but the drop in support for third-party installable plugins and ActiveX controls, such as Silverlight and Java. Getting rid of these legacy technologies will make the browser more secure and help put an end to malicious extensions that have long been a menace to Windows users.

Windows 10 is a free upgrade for Windows 8 users and became available today: July 29th! This means that millions of early adopters are about to hit your website on a brand new Web browser.

If you’re like me you might be experiencing a small panic attack as you realize that you haven’t prepared for this. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! New Relic is excited to announce that New Relic Browser has full support for Microsoft Edge starting today (no updates required). Stay one step ahead of your users and pinpoint browser compatibility problems before the support tickets start rolling in.


microsoft edge analysis chart

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Once you’ve identified and fixed Edge issues with New Relic’s Browser Monitoring, you can use Azure RemoteApp to test your site on Microsoft Edge without having to install Windows 10. We also recommend that you use a virtual machine on-demand service such as BrowserStack or Sauce Labs to add an automated test suite for your website.

Is your website prepared for the Windows 10 launch? Start your free Browser Monitoring trial today and make sure!

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