New Relic Browser: The Fifth Most Popular Script on the Web!

On the engineering team for New Relic Browser, we spend a lot of time focused on the current state of JavaScript. That’s probably why one of our engineers happened across a site called Libscore not long ago.

Created by online payments infrastructure company Stripe, Libscore analyzes the JavaScript content of the top 1 million websites, showing which scripts and libraries are most commonly deployed, and which sites are running them. We thought this was a pretty slick tool, and a great way for open source library developers to quantify their impact on Internet. It was also pretty cool to find this interactive chart on the site—especially the portion show below:


Yep, that’s New Relic Browser Application Monitoring, shown as the fifth most popular script on the Internet!

Digging into Libscore, its rankings exclude various JavaScript categories, such as libraries (e.g. jQuery) and content management systems (e.g. WordPress), which are ranked separately. Still it feels pretty good to see a tool we’ve written being run on 20,000 of the Internet’s top sites.

We think this level of adoption underlines the impact of advanced Browser App Monitoring (BAM). If you’re not getting visibility into JavaScript errors, AJAX calls, and detailed event level traces it’s more and more difficult to deploy the level of performance and experience you need to compete on the modern Web.

We’re looking forward to using Libscore‘s interface to continue to track the use of JavaScript on the Internet.

Sam Goldstein is engineering manager, agents, for New Relic. He manages Browser Application Monitoring team. He's been writing Ruby for almost a decade and is the author of several semi-popular gems, including diffy and timetrap. View posts by .

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