BMIsix2For businesses all over the world, investing in the cloud has rapidly evolved from gamble to solid bet. Though the state of the global economy is in constant flux, companies are finding that operating their applications in the cloud provides a stable and adaptable foundation—one they can bank on.

Sao Paolo-based BMSIX knows all about the power of cloud computing. Working in partnership with Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Google, and others, this Brazilian company helps a wide range of clients to optimize cloud-based application performance. Taking care of migration, deployment, and management, BMSIX has built an impressive roster of more than 100 clients since it was founded in 2011. Featuring several of Brazil’s largest companies, that roster includes everything from iconic fashion retailers to banks.

Capitalizing on the cloud

Those clients are eager to capitalize on the benefits of the cloud—agility, scalability, faster time to market, and more. BMSIX is happy to oblige. But the company also acknowledges that its clients’ apps have often not been developed using best practices.

Fabriciio Barros, chief executive officer at BMSIX, knew he needed a software analytics solution designed to work in any cloud environment—one that would pass even the heaviest stress test.Brazil-shutterstock

“While our cloud services partners offer virtualization layer monitoring, we wanted to provide our clients with much deeper insight at the application level,” explains Thiago Benevides, product and alliance manager at BMSIX. “That’s why we turned to New Relic.”

BMSIX uses the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud to monitor and track performance, customer experience, and business success for its clients’ cloud-based applications. Thanks to detailed insight into how their applications are performing, those apps can run faster and smoother than ever. Even better, BMSIX can help clients monitor their usage of cloud resources, which in turn enables them to keep costs down—great news for the bottom line.

Banking on visibility

BMISix1That capability proved particularly valuable to a BMSIX client operating in the banking sector. Deploying a new savings-bond product across Brazil—a product that it expects to sell in huge quantities—this client needed the application supporting sales of the bonds to interface with many other services and systems.

With so much at stake financially for the client and its customers, a robust cloud-based operation was essential to keeping the numbers moving in the right direction. Running IBM WebSphere on top of IBM SoftLayer was the first step. Monitoring that platform using New Relic took it to the next level.

“We use New Relic to help the banking company to gain visibility into applications performance and identify any bottlenecks,” says Benevides. “Now the client has a complete, end-to-end picture of application performance from WebSphere and SoftLayer through the frontend.”

With the detailed insights New Relic provides, BMSIX can offer its clients—the banking company included—an impressive return on their investment in the cloud.


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