Blue Medora Plugins Extend New Relic’s Reach to the Data Center Infrastructure Stack

Guest author Nathan Owen is CEO of Blue Medora, which creates software designed to extend the visibility of cloud system management and application performance management solutions.

blue medora logoWe have a saying here at Blue Medora that exemplifies our singular focus on creating best-of-breed plugins: “The plugin is the platform.”

Creating highly differentiated, value-added plugins is all we do and all we’ve ever done over the nine years of Blue Medora’s existence. Knowing that, you shouldn’t be surprised that we are extremely passionate about building world-class plugins.

Developing plugins for New Relic was a no-brainer for Blue Medora given our deep admiration for the New Relic platform, the company’s partner-friendly open ecosystem, and the massive increase in adoption of New Relic we’ve seen within our existing customer base during the past couple of years.

Blue Medora recently published the first 8 of a planned family of 35 New Relic plugins on our 2016 roadmap, as a public beta. These are visible today on Blue Medora’s website and in New Relic’s Plugin Central:

Blue Medora plugin central screenshot

Blue Medora’s first eight New Relic plugins shown in Plugin Central

Blue Medora’s First 8 Plugins

Our initial set of plugins are focused on extending the reach of New Relic to a common set of storage, compute (server), network, and converged infrastructure technologies we see in both traditional on-premise data centers as well as in private/hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Blue Medora EMC VNX Block System Overview

Exposing key SAN metrics like IOPS, throughput, and capacity. [click to enlarge]

Our initial release of New Relic plugins includes:

Converged Infrastructure


Compute (Servers)

Network Fabric

These first eight Blue Medora Plugins for New Relic are available today as a public beta, directly from New Relic. We encourage users to check them out and provide feedback via Plugin Central’s review system.

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