BlazeMeter’s New Relic Plugin: An Integrated Solution for Performance Monitoring, Testing & Optimization

BlazeMeter logoThis is a guest post from Ophir Prusak, SVP Digital Marketing at our partner BlazeMeter.

The BlazeMeter enterprise performance and load testing platform helps developers find and fix app bottlenecks, and enables developers and DevOps teams to perform real world capacity planning.

New Relic, the leader in application performance monitoring, is revolutionizing the world of app management by opening up their platform to its customers and partners. Now anyone can take advantage of New Relic’s expertise and infrastructure for measuring and reporting on performance KPIs, transforming New Relic from an application monitoring service to a centralized solution for performance monitoring and optimization of any system.

The ability to see your performance testing and load generation KPIs side-by-side with New Relic’s own KPIs (or KPIs from any system utilizing their plugins) is invaluable. Together they provide customers with the only true 360° view for all of their systems. Combining all of the data in a single view greatly reduces the complexity and time it takes to find and fix performance bottlenecks.

The BlazeMeter Load Testing Plugin
Building a New Relic plugin was a no-brainer for us. When doing performance testing and optimization, it’s critical to understand both frontend (browser / app responsiveness) and backend app metrics. Considerations such as the number of concurrent users, response times and latency are equally important for your database and web servers.

BlazeMeter KPIs on New Relic Dashboard

Previously, you could only see what was happening on you backend. You couldn’t truly see how much load was generated at the front. So, putting all of the data in one place adds tremendous value to our users. By building this extension, we’re better able to understand the needs of our customers in terms of performance testing and optimization.

Implementing the integrations was fairly straightforward. We used a simple HTTP-API, which is the most suitable for us as a SaaS provider. As the data began to populate the New Relic Platform, we simply configured a dashboard that was equally powerful and customizable. This amazing integration took just one week.

The data uploaded to New Relic contains all the major BlazeMeter KPIs including: Response Times, Latency, Active Users, Max Users, Hits/sec, Throughput (Kb/s), Response Codes, Errors and more. (See a more detailed KPI list on

Additionally, the plugin lets you view all your metrics in the intuitive New Relic interface you already know. Our customers are already seeing huge benefits from using the BlazeMeter plugin in New Relic.

Benefits of the BlazeMeter Plugin
With performance testing, you reach a point where you’re sending more requests than the backend can handle. At that point the backend performance KPIs don’t accurately reflect what’s really happening.

* BlazeMeters’s frontend KPIs provide insight on how many users are actually trying to access your website, mobile site or mobile apps.

* BlazeMeters’s backend KPIs show how many users are getting through to your applications.

Now you can stop logging into a single system and seeing only half the picture. With our New Relic plugin, you can view all your metrics at once from a single pane of glass. Reduce the time and effort it takes to optimize your apps and infrastructure through intuitive performance testing to easily identify bottlenecks and plan for real capacity.

Developers and DevOps for the win!

Get Started Today
Find out just how easy it is to get started with the BlazeMeter Load Testing plugin and New Relic today. Go here for more information. And don’t forget! BlazeMeter customers get New Relic Standard free of charge. Visit for more information.

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