BlazeMeter Launches New Relic Integration

BlazeMeter logoWe’re excited to announce our latest partnership with BlazeMeter, a self-service web and mobile load-testing platform for developers. BlazeMeter’s load-testing platform generates accurate and highly realistic loads that quickly surfaces any performance related problem. By injecting synthetic loads of up to hundreds of thousands of simulated browser users through the veins of the application, performance related problems can be diagnosed in a matter of minutes and on demand.

With the BlazeMeter and New Relic integration, developers can easily analyze how much traffic their applications can really handle and proactively fix performance issues related to loads before they occur and degrade the user experience. View your New Relic application performance data on your BlazeMeter dashboard to easily monitor your end user experience and application system KPIs while load testing, and get a detailed analysis of end user performance metrics and error analysis — all using a single dashboard. Watch the video below or go here to see just how easy it is to use New Relic and BlazeMeter together:

“The integration between BlazeMeter and New Relic allows for side-by-side analysis of simulated load performance and application performance related issues. Fixing bottlenecks and re-testing becomes a seamless part of development,” said Alon Girmonsky, Founder and CEO, BlazeMeter. “Our best of breed combination between BlazeMeter’s load testing platform and New Relic’s application performance monitoring is an ideal solution for the agile continuous development lifecycle.”

Through our partnership, all BlazeMeter customers receive New Relic Standard free of charge and BlazeMeter’s Load Testing Cloud is available to all New Relic customers. BlazeMeter customers can start using New Relic today!'

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