Big Things from New Relic at FutureStack

So this is what happens when you get a bunch of data nerds together.futurestack-logo.png__768×200_

Today New Relic is hosting its first-ever tech conference at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco. 800 of our closest friends — what other people call customers and partners — are vying for chairs in the ballroom at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco (sorry it’s so crazy, everyone — we sold out of tickets last week!).

We’re using the opportunity to celebrate the amazing work that all of our customers have done building and running Modern Software, plus make a few announcements of our own. Some of the big product innovations that our CEO Lew Cirne is announcing on stage today include:

    • Rich performance diagnostics for Node.js apps. We’re continuing to expand our language coverage to include one of the industry’s hottest frameworks used for its asynchronous, event-driven and non-blocking I/O capabilities. How hot is Node? We’ve had 10,000 requests from our customers for Node.js support. We built our Node.js agent from the ground up to bring you meaningful and actionable data. Partners supporting our announcements include Joyent, Microsoft Windows Azure Mobile Services, CloudBees and EngineYard. Learn more about Node.js
    • More granular analysis with histograms and percentiles. Averages are great, but when combined with statistical tools like histograms and percentiles, you can now see the big(ger) picture of your app’s performance. New Relic’s histograms and percentiles surface and plot all your transaction response times to help you find those nasty outliers. (We weren’t kidding about getting the bigger picture!) Learn more about histograms and percentiles
    • Alert management made easy. We’re delivering Alert Policies to help you better manage the signal-to-noise ratio. With Alert Policies, you’ll be able to create policies that have the appropriate alert thresholds and communication channels for groups of similar applications, servers and Key Transactions. You’ll now be able to configure and manage all of your alert settings from a single easy-to-use screen. The result: you’ll only be awakened at 3 a.m. when there’s a real problem. Learn more about Alert Policies
    • A New Relic iPad app. A companion app so you can use New Relic anywhere, monitoring all your applications, servers and transactions on the go. Includes historical data and push notification alerts, and the ability to see the health of all your apps on a single screen. Learn more about The New Relic iPad App
    • We’re revolutionizing mobile app performance monitoring – again. We introduced the world’s first real-time, real-user mobile app monitoring solution back in March, and we’re already announcing plans for a powerful and feature-rich update before the end of the year. In this update, you’ll get end-to-end User Interaction Traces that provide deep visibility into the performance of app code running on the device and backend services. We’re already monitoring apps on over 100 million devices and counting, make sure your users are happy by taking a 30 day free trial. Learn more about the upcoming updates to New Relic for Mobile Apps

Lew is also taking the opportunity at FutureStack to preview our next product effort, code-named “Rubicon,” something he and the development team have been working on that expands New Relic’s focus from just application performance to a broader category called Software Analytics.

The premise? Your application is the center of most businesses today. But here’s the problem: it’s difficult and expensive to make heads or tails of the billions of metrics coming from your applications each day.

New Relic has unparalleled expertise in collecting, storing, and presenting those billions of metrics. With Rubicon, we’ll make it possible to ask technical, operational, and even business questions of those applications — and get answers and insights really, really fast. Iteration is the key. Lew believes that we can help you be agile (yes, in the software development sense) in making data-driven business decisions.

More of the goings-on at FutureStack are visible in real-time at #FS13 on Twitter. Expect highlights here at the blog as well. (Just don’t expect a lot of extra chairs.)

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