More than two years ago, we announced that New Relic’s Barcelona office was expanding to become the company’s European Development Center. Since then, we’ve seen tremendous success both in growing our Barcelona team and contributing to New Relic’s product portfolio.

A growing team

Since our earliest days in Barcelona, going back to the company’s acquisition of Ducksboard almost exactly three years ago, we have seen amazing growth of our Barcelona team and our European Development Center. In the last year, we have more than doubled our local headcount to more than 30 people. We’ve also expanded the scope of our work, growing from just one team to five different workgroups.

Bruno Pedro Barcelona

Bruno Pedro

Today I’m excited to announce that we have reached an agreement with API support platform company HitchHQ to hire CTO and founder Bruno Pedro and his core product team so they can join our team in Barcelona. (Note that New Relic has not acquired Hitch or its assets, products, or technology.)

As we help our customers instrument everything and move faster, New Relic recognizes that APIs represent a critical part of the ecosystem. So we couldn’t be more excited to have these domain experts joining our team.

Product powerhouse in Barcelona

I’m so proud of the work coming out of our Barcelona office, and we continue to hire to keep the product innovation pipeline going strong. Recent highlights from the team include:

  • AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform integrations
  • Infrastructure monitoring through on-host integrations
  • Data visualization stack
  • Design system and shared UI components and tooling

Stay tuned for more cool product innovations out of our Barcelona office. And did I mention we’re hiring? Join us!

Pierre Papera is General Manager and Senior Director of Engineering in charge of New Relic's European Development Center based in Barcelona. After several years leading engineering efforts in startups developing video games, streaming media, and video-on-demand platforms, Pierre joined Ducksboard, which was acquired by New Relic in 2014. After the acquisition, Pierre led the integration with New Relic's ecosystem. View posts by .

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