The Inside Story on New Relic APM’s Integration With Microsoft Azure [Video]

As you may know by now, New Relic APM recently debuted on the new Microsoft Azure Marketplace, allowing customers to acquire and deploy New Relic APM seamlessly from Microsoft’s new portal.

The integration was announced at Microsoft TechEd Europe 2014 in Barcelona, Spain, late last month, making it easy to set up New Relic APM on a VM or Azure Website. This year’s TechEd focused on Microsoft’s new direction of “mobile-first cloud-first” in front of an estimated 11,000 attendees.

More to the story

But there’s a bit more to the story, as you can see in the TechEd video below.

Our .NET agent team worked really hard to create a positive experience on Azure. New Relic delivered a full stack solution for Azure users using Javascript, Ruby (yes our .NET nerds even used Ruby, thanks in large part to our amazing APM team!), .NET, Azure, and even classy things like CSS (see what I did there?) to help us provide a single-click experience with Microsoft Azure.

We had a mutual priority to have New Relic monitoring offered for Azure customers to easily deploy and manage the Microsoft Cloud. Our team was not only the first third-party provider to use the new Azure Portal SDK, but also the first to be integrated into the Portal as a third party SaaS application. The results were a major part of two demos, mentioned in a couple other demos, and even received a few call outs in the TechEd keynote.

What we did

azure chart

Here’s what we did in this full-stack project, including UI, back-end, infrastructure, monitoring and analytics, and build provisioning:

  • Created mechanisms to auto provision the .NET agent during the creation of Websites and VMs on Microsoft Azure. We did the same for existing VMs and Azure Websites.reated a way for Azure users to create New Relic accounts and get a one-stop billing solution through Azure
  • Created UI/UX for viewing account and individual application details in the Azure portal and provided SSO links back into the APM product
  • Created a marketplace package that gives us full control over our pricing, product exposure, and presence in the Azure Marketplace
  • Created a new branching strategy, build system, and release process with automated deployment to five environments and the virtual infrastructure to support it.

The Azure portal is still in “preview,” but in the short time since the release we’ve seen significant interest in the new functionality.

Nick Floyd is a lead software engineer at New Relic. He works on the .NET Agent, Nuget packages, Azure solutions, and cloud-based services. He and his seven kids are often found contributing to open source, soldering boards, and building backyard ballistics all in the name of "nerd life." Author of Nerd Life Balance. View posts by .

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