Amazon bills AWS re:Invent 2016 as “the world’s largest gathering of the global Amazon Web Services community,” some 24,000 strong. And this year New Relic is once again going to be there in a big way.

As a leader in cloud computing and a key member of the AWS ecosystem, it should be no surprise that we’re a Diamond Sponsor (the highest level) of re:Invent. In fact, we’ve sponsored the event since its humble beginnings in 2012, and as the community has enjoyed tremendous growth, so has our commitment to AWS customers and re:Invent.

aws re:invent logoFor example, this year we achieved AWS Partner Network Migration Competency recognition to go along with the Mobile Competency we earned in 2015. And this year we’re bringing our newest product, New Relic Infrastructure, to the party (after all, Infrastructure is a perfect fit for monitoring modern dynamic, cloud-based and hybrid stacks, including Amazon Web Services).

But that’s only the beginning of our presence at the big Vegas shindig—we’ll be there from the show’s opening on Sunday, November 27, all the way through the final sessions on Friday, December 2, sharing more content and more excitement than ever before.

Look who’s talking at AWS re:Invent!

If you really want to know what’s going on in the cloud, please come hear me discuss Cloud Monitoring: Understanding, Preparing, and Troubleshooting Dynamic Apps on AWS. This one-hour breakout session, coded ARC303, an “advanced” session in the Architecture track, is centered on the realization that the days of static server monitoring are over.

Las Vegas SignDynamic scaling and resource allocation are now the norm in AWS, and dealing with technologies such as Amazon EC2, Docker, AWS Lambda, and Auto Scaling can make tracking resources and resource utilization a challenge. I will share insights and best practices gleaned from thousands of New Relic customers who build, manage, and troubleshoot applications and dynamic cloud services. Come hear why dynamic infrastructure fundamentally changes your monitoring strategy.

And don’t miss Cloud Monitoring: Change Is the New Normal, where I will discuss how to overcome the challenges of using data to monitor and manage the dynamic resources that make up your applications, including showing a framework to help measure your entire stack. And, who knows, we might even be joined on stage by a special guest speaker. An advanced session in the DevOps & Tools track, session DEV312 is designed to help you understand what data and techniques will help manage dynamic infrastructure and applications.

Visit Booth #610

These breakout sessions aren’t the only place to hear from New Relic. We’ll be at booth #610 throughout the show, hosting a variety of “lightning talks” from New Relic experts, customers, and partners. These fast-paced presentations are your chance to get real-world insight on how to enable DevOps and get value from your dynamic infrastructure. You’ll get to hear practical tips from organizations transforming their business for the digital economy.

new relic infrastructure logoBooth #610 is also the place to find out more about all of New Relic’s products and solutions. In particular, we’ll be running hands-on demos of our newest release, New Relic Infrastructure, showing how it tightly integrates with EC2 for an accurate, real-time view of your EC2 ecosystem.

Be sure to stop by and catch up with what’s happening in the industry and why monitoring matters more than ever. You have a pretty good chance of scoring some legendary New Relic swag! And take a look at the schedule posted in the booth. I’m giving away copies of my book, Architecting for Scale, published by O’Reilly Media, and I will be signing them while I’m there.

Don’t miss our partner 2nd Watch in booth #825

“Every workload has a story.” That’s the premise of cloud-based managed service provider and New Relic partner 2nd Watch. The firm wants to know the story of your workloads so they can custom-tailor solutions to fit your needs.

Visit 2nd Watch at booth #825 to speak with a cloud expert, plus a chance to win a custom-wrapped Segway Mini Pro! And don’t miss 2nd Watch’s breakout session Lift and Evolve: Saving Money in the Cloud Is Easy, Making Money Takes Help, where you’ll learn how corporate thinking must change to take full advantage of the cloud’s potential to boost earnings and profits.


Note: Event dates, speakers, and schedules are subject to change without notice.

Lee Atchison is the Senior Director, Cloud Architecture at New Relic. For the last eight years he has helped design and build a solid service-based product architecture that scaled from startup to high traffic public enterprise. Lee has 32 years of industry experience, including seven years as a Senior Manager at, and has consulted with leading organizations on how to modernize their application architectures and transform their organizations at scale. He is the author of the O’Reilly book Architecting for Scale and author of the blog Lee@Scale. View posts by .

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