Auto Application Mapping in RPM

Great news for those of you deploying Rails in the Cloud!

New Feature:

Starting with our New Relic Agent version 2.7.4, we’ve added a new feature called Application Naming that automates the mapping of application instances to RPM Applications. An RPM Application is the group of application instances.

Prior to this feature, application instances had to be manually mapped to a RPM application. Now, when an application name is defined in the newrelic.yml file, RPM will automatically create the application and keep the mappings up to date. This is especially important for cloud applications, where instances can hop between many hosts.

How to use the Application Naming feature:

To enable this feature, upgrade to the 2.7.4 agent and add the setting “app_name: ” to the file config/newrelic.yml. If you use RPM for more than one RAILS_ENV, then make sure you have a different app_name for each environment in config/newrelic.yml, otherwise instances in different environments will map to the same RPM application.

As always, if you have additional questions about this, or any other feature of RPM, please join the conversation at'

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