Atlassian Selects New Relic to Monitor and Manage their SaaS Offering

“Helping innovators everywhere plan, build, and launch great software.”

That’s Atlassian’s corporate mission.  No wonder we love these guys so much!

One of the fastest growing enterprise software companies, Atlassian is a SaaS and software vendor originally from Australia now serving over 17,000 large and small customer organizations. Today we announced that Atlassian has standardized on New Relic for monitoring its new OnDemand SaaS offering. This is no small implementation, and its been a lot of fun rolling it out with the Atlassian engineering team (a fantastic team to work with!). New Relic is deployed on over 20,000 VMs across over 7,500 virtual servers, ensuring the Atlassian team receives 24×7 app performance data, proactive notifications, and code-level visibility to help ensure superior service delivery.

Glenn Butcher, Atlassian’s director of SaaS engineering was kind enough to comment about us in today’s press release:

“Atlassian OnDemand is an unprecedented step forward for our customers because it makes world-class development and collaboration tools much more broadly available to teams around the world. For a system like this to meet the needs of thousands of concurrent users while scaling for many thousands more, high levels of performance and availability are crucial. New Relic’s SaaS app monitoring is a perfect fit—it scales to enterprise proportions and gives us the actionable data we need to ensure superior service delivery.”

TechCrunch just wrote about Atlassian’s explosive revenue growth, and we’ve been using JIRA, the de-facto standard for issue tracking, for a while now. And we’re starting to roll out Confluence, a social collaboration solution, internally. These and Atlassian’s many other leading tools are used by more than 40 percent of the Fortune 500 and tens of thousands of other companies, start-ups and non-profits in more than 140 countries. Atlassian’s products help companies manage the entire software development process and help millions of IT team members around the world develop and deliver world-class software faster and more cost-effectively.

And while we don’t often write about customer wins, we think this one is pretty special, and frankly, we couldn’t help ourselves. Many thanks to the Atlassian team for their close cooperation during the rollout and for indulging us with this blog post and today’s press release. Thanks @atlassian!

Be sure to check out Atlassian’s entire tool set.

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