Apps deployed on Eucalyptus private cloud? Monitor and manage them with New Relic RPM.

EucalyptusToday we announced that RPM can manage the performance of applications deployed on Eucalyptus, open source infrastructure software for creating both on-premise private cloud and hybrid public/private cloud-computing environments. Now, as teams migrate applications to the cloud, these combined solutions make it easier to deploy, monitor and troubleshoot business-critical web applications.

Eucalyptus is open source infrastructure software for implementing on-premise cloud computing using an organization’s own information technology (IT) infrastructure. Eucalyptus turns data center resources such as machines, networks, and storage systems into a cloud that is controlled and customized by the IT team. Eucalyptus supports the same APIs as public clouds, and it is fully compatible with the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure.

RPM was built to monitor web applications deployed in dedicated, on-premise environments or in public, private, or hybrid environments. Development teams using the Eucalyptus architecture to create private or hybrid cloud computing environments can use RPM to ensure superior service for application deployed on the Eucalyptus infrastructure.

Rich Wolski, CTO at Eucalyptus Systems, which develops Eucalyptus software, said today “More and more organizations are migrating their business-critical web applications to private on-premise cloud environments or hybrid public/private clouds. To be successful, it’s important that development and deployment teams have the right tools in place—scalable, robust software infrastructure and the ability to monitor and rapidly troubleshoot application performance. Eucalyptus and New Relic RPM are a great combination for helping teams realize the many benefits of cloud computing.”

Try RPM Today!

Getting started with RPM is easy. Just sign up for a free or paid subscription, install the agent, and start monitoring apps deployed on Eucalyptus. You’re about 2 minutes away from getting all the data you need to ensure superior performance.'

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