Managing property today can be challenging. Advertising vacancies online, processing applications, updating contracts, maintaining units, keeping tenants happy—it’s a full-time job and then some. The same is true for modern law firms balancing client communications, complex digital documents, billing, calendaring, and more. Growing businesses operating in these fields face an intense workload, and need innovative tools to keep them on track.

That’s where AppFolio comes in. Developing easy-to-use, cloud-based software to help small and mid-sized enterprises more effectively market, manage, and grow their business, the company focuses on property management and legal practice.

With its chief products AppFolio Property Manager and MyCase, AppFolio strives to produce software that businesses love to use. “We offer our clients a way to run their whole business from a single login, saving them time and money,” says Eric Hawkins, director of engineering at AppFolio.

These products, he says, enable property managers and legal practitioners alike to give their processes a vital “digital transformation.”

Delivering a SAFE solution

AppFolio aims to deliver 100% “SAFE” solutions: secure, available, fast, and easy. With that goal in mind, the company knew it needed better information on the performance and usage of its software.

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Eric Hawkins, Director of Engineering, AppFolio.

That’s why AppFolio turned to the New Relic Software Analytics Cloud, including New Relic APMNew Relic BrowserNew Relic Insights and New Relic Plugins. Today, AppFolio relies on New Relic for everything from monitoring application health to providing insight into customer adoption of specific features.

“With New Relic, we have measurements from the browser down to the database and back,” says Hawkins. “We get a great deal of value from the transactions and page view data that flows naturally from New Relic APM into New Relic Insights.”

Inspiring innovation

AppFolio takes pride in helping its clients boost innovation and productivity. And with New Relic in place, team members feel “more courageous” and able to move at a faster pace, continuously improving the quality of AppFolio software without worry. “New Relic is like a safety net,” Hawkins says. “It inspires confidence in our abilities and in our products.”

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John Cutler, the company’s UX researcher, agrees. Tirelessly tailoring and enhancing its products to satisfy both new and existing users is key to AppFolio’s continued success. The insight Cutler and his colleagues get from New Relic enables them to make more informed product decisions. As he explains, “New Relic helps us know that we’re moving in the right direction with feature development.”

Hawkins concurs: “New Relic helps identify and predict adoption of features. We can’t do everything we want to do at any given time, so New Relic helps us understand the business case and prioritize.”

To learn more about how AppFolio relies on New Relic to deliver its 100% SAFE solutions to customers, watch the full customer video below:


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