AppDirect adds free NewRelic to its Application Marketplace

Today at CloudBeat 2011, we announced our partnership with AppDirect. AppDirect shares our philosophy of keeping things simple by providing a one-stop marketplace where users can find, buy and manage their web applications. Through our partnership with AppDirect, New Relic Standard is now available free of charge for AppDirect customers and customers of their network of hosted marketplaces such as Bell, Appcelerator, and Sasktel.

Paul Arnautoff, Director of Business Development at AppDirect said, “We are excited to be making New Relic available to organizations as one of the many world-class offerings in the AppDirect App Market. New Relic’s real-time visibility into production applications, real user experiences and server resources combines with the other tools … to create an invaluable solution for organizations building, deploying and managing business critical web applications.”

Getting started is easy! Go to the New Relic profile on the AppDirect App Marketplace and sign up. Or sign up on BellAppcelerator, or Sasktel. In about two minutes, you’ll have immediate access to our real-time application performance tool. As always, let us know if you have any questions.'

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