Hey there, Data Nerds. Our new Error Analytics feature is now GA! As you may recall, we announced advanced error analytics in New Relic APM at our FutureStack15 user conference last month, and the capability is now generally available to New Relic customers.

Accessing the new feature is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. From your main New Relic APM page, click on the application you want to look at.
  2. From the left navigation, click on Errors.
  3. Slice and dice to your heart’s content … or until you’ve eliminated all errors.

Below is a quick guide to on how to get to the new feature, along with a helpful Pro Tip for those wanting to dive deeper.

navigate to errors tutorial

[click to enlarge and view animation]

Check out the tutorial

The first time you visit the new Errors page, you’ll be greeted with a brief tutorial:

1. Click on the filter icon in the upper left corner to get started.

APM Errors Tutorial 1

2. Filter and facet across all error attributes.


3. Detailed error traces are at the bottom of the page.

APM Errors Tutorial 3

Pro Tip

This Pro Tip is actually two tips in one. As shown in the animation below, when you hover over a chart, a menu appears just below with these two options:

  1. View query, allowing you to see the underlying query used to create the chart.
  2. View in Insights, so you can modify the query in New Relic Insights for ad-hoc analysis.
APM Errors Protip 2

[click to enlarge and view animation]

Eight days of data

As of today, all paying Pro and Enterprise customers have access to eight days of event data for error analytics. Customers who want to perform analytics over longer time horizons can purchase longer periods of rolling data. Otherwise, data beyond eight days will revert to the classic New Relic APM Error UI.

Go ahead and get started now. We’ve designed New Relic Error Analytics so you can quickly start filtering and faceting your way to error-free happiness.

For more information, see the documentation. And don’t miss our free webinar on The Power of Software Analytics, with Patrick Lightbody, Group VP of Product Management at New Relic; James Riseman, Director of Product Marketing at New Relic; and Kevin Klein, VP of Engineering at BloomThat. The webinar begins at 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT on Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2015. Register now!

Note: Event dates are subject to change without notice.


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