Apdex Alliance Certifies New Relic’s Application Management Solution

Apdex, Measuring what matters.We are pleased to announce today that New Relic RPM has been certified by the Apdex Alliance as an Apdex compliant product. RPM provides Apdex metrics in application status dashboards and in detailed reports, making it easier to ensure applications are meeting end-user expectations and application performance goals.

New Relic has been an active supporter of the Apdex Alliance and their effort to create an open standard that defines a method for reporting, benchmarking, and tracking user satisfaction with application performance. The Apdex standard helps companies assure that their applications are meeting customer needs as well as business objectives by specifying a uniform way to measure and report user experiences.

Bill Harding, founder of Bonanzle, a leading online markeplace, has also been a long-time proponent of using Adpex scoring to benchmark and improve end-user experiences. “The Apdex standard provides a great way to prioritize which parts of your application should be optimized first,” says Bill. With regard to New Relic’s Apdex certification, he mentions that “New Relic’s application performance management solution makes Apdex measurement practicable by providing a very coherent and readable graphical interface that lets you rapidly determine when a production application needs to be optimized. This way, you eliminate time spent creating subjective criteria and time spent measuring which parts of the app aren’t meeting that criteria.”

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