Announcing New Relic Insights: Helping You Understand What Your Software Is Trying to Tell You

Marc Andreessen said, “software is eating the world.”  I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that software already has eaten the world.

Software is now at the core of the successful modern business.  An organization’s software applications are the way it interacts with its customers.  Which means the data that comes from that software tells an important story that every business needs to know and understand.  Businesses need that data from their live production software to make smart decisions.  But, historically, that data is really hard to get to.

So, what are some examples of really useful data that organizations’ software has locked away?  Bleacher Report keeps track of tens of thousands of writers, topics, and what millions of readers are doing.  They want to know whether that upset that’s brewing in the Midwest region of the NCAA tournament matters — and how they should react.

Yellow Pages Canada wants to know which ads are working on which customers’ phones so their marketing department can make smart choices for what to do next.

And, despite being a small non-profit with a tiny IT staff, wants to know how changes they make to the way donors interact with their website and its social features impact their ability to provide life-saving surgeries to children in need in countries like Zambia and Uganda.

The good news?  The data is there. 

The bad news?  Today’s applications throw off literally trillions of metrics.

So now the question is this:  how do you take that data and understand what it means for customers coming to your site or people interacting with your organization every day?  And how do you make it possible to ask questions of your data so you can make the decisions you need to grow or improve your business?

Sounds like a Big Data problem, doesn’t it? 

It is.  But it has been hard, expensive and time consuming to set up analytic silos to sift through all of this data and be able to present it in a way that is both easy to understand and reflects reality right now. 

What you really need is a way to have a real-time conversation with the data from your live production software.  Relying on outdated snapshots doesn’t give you the insights you need to make timely decisions.  And, answers frequently conjure up new questions, questions you haven’t even thought of before. You have to be able to turn around and ask another question – and get that new answer immediately, too.

New Relic has the answer for you.


Today we are announcing an open beta for our new Real-Time Analytics Platform, called New Relic Insights. New Relic Insights is the newest addition to our innovative Software Analytics product family.

I first showed a preview of this work onstage at our FutureStack conference in October of last year. The core of the technology we are introducing today came from ideas I had coding up at my cabin at Lake Tahoe (hence the product’s former codename, Rubicon) and the work from our team in the 15 months since.  The need for the product came from what customers are trying to do – make better data-informed decisions.  And the capabilities required are something that New Relic is great at – collecting, storing and understanding massive amounts of data.

We’ve just completed a private beta with more than 275 customers and as of today, New Relic Insights, is available for the next few months for our paying customers to try for free.

If you only know New Relic as an APM company, this may puzzle you a bit.   But, in fact, by having intelligent agents inside an organization’s software we can provide not only an amazing amount of technical information, but also billions of metrics about the business itself.  We’re in the right place at the right time.

So what is New Relic Insights? 

It is a new Real-Time Analytics Platform that collects event data in real time from inside software using existing New Relic agents.  We store billions of metrics in a purpose-built, schema-less, “index everything” (or, actually, “index nothing”) database that we built from the ground up.  We present actionable results via an intuitive query language and simple dashboards at an amazingly high speed because each customer query can leverage the entire cloud infrastructure we have built.

Our platform is already tuned to handle huge amounts of data. We already have the largest Big Data database of customer performance metrics in the world and we are using that to help each of our customers answer more business questions.

Even just in our private beta, New Relic Insights has helped customers by gathering some very impressive stats.  We collected 1.13 trillion events last month.  Our customers queried 7.64 trillion events in the past 24 hours.  The average query scans 6.3 million events and the median query response is 19 milliseconds.  That’s fast.

As part of our open beta, customers will be able to save up to a billion of their own metrics for free for up to 7 days to try the power of this, to ask some questions, to see the kinds of immediate impact it can have. 

I like to say that New Relic is now doing for Big Data what we first did for Application Performance Management. 

We are making Big Data and the important metrics from your software accessible to companies of all sizes – from the largest enterprises to 2-person start-ups.  You don’t need to hire an army of data scientists or set up a separate Hadoop-like infrastructure. 

Most interestingly, what we’re doing with New Relic Insights lets you be iterative, enabling you to think differently about your data.  If you don’t know what one answer means, you can immediately ask another question.  And another.  And another.  Without having to wait.

Obviously, I’m really excited about what this means for you, our customers.  If you are interested in seeing New Relic Insights and the innovations in Software Analytics we’re delivering firsthand, I invite you to try it out.  Current paying New Relic customers can start using it immediately.  You will already have access to all of your performance data for starters.  You can find everything you need to know here. Let me know what you think.

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