According to the doctrine of “survival of the fittest,” those species best adapted to their environment will continue to exist while those that can’t keep up go extinct.

With the lightning fast pace of the digital age—multiplied by the collective buying power of the technologically savvy millennial generation—this survival-of-the-fittest imperative means that companies must adapt and embrace today’s technology or risk becoming prey to fitter competitors.

american eagle outfitters logoAmerican Eagle Outfitters (AEO), traditionally a brick-and-mortar retail chain, embodies this approach. The company has adopted a business model of omni-channel retailing that provides customers with a seamless retail experience across AEO’s physical stores, website, and mobile app. As a millennial-targeted business in an era when 68% of millennials demand an integrated, faultless shopping experience, American Eagle’s business model is necessary for its survival.

Creating this flawless omni-channel experience is no small feat, and New Relic plays an integral part in helping American Eagle to thrive in this brave new world of retailing.

Supporting progress

AEO’s full adoption of the New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform didn’t happen immediately; It wasn’t until the company began focusing on mobile retailing that the full benefits of ubiquitous New Relic monitoring became clear.

“When I joined American Eagle five years ago, New Relic APM had been deployed to monitor Ruby (for our Favorites application),” says Matt Kundrat, production support manager for digital technology at AEO. “But only one engineer used it, and he had left, so at that point it was truly shelfware. When our San Francisco office began work on a mobile app, that team deployed New Relic Mobile to monitor it. At that point, I decided to really get New Relic APM going again.”

Before he knew it, New Relic had become an invaluable tool across the company. Says Matt, “More and more people began using New Relic APM—especially my own team for support and monitoring—and we ended up getting a much better view of site performance.”

Second sight

When AEO added New Relic Insights to its toolkit a few years later, the company gained the ability to organize, query, and visualize valuable real-time event and metric data. It could ask and answer key questions about application performance and customer experience.

On the wall of his office, AEO CTO Colin Bodell has a video monitor displaying a custom Insights dashboard he created himself. This dashboard shows him important metrics such as Apdex scores (to gauge user satisfaction) and minute-by-minute traffic displayed side-by-side with order rate, server load, and much more. 

Says Colin, “Because I’m always looking at my New Relic Insights dashboard—whether it’s on the big screen in my office or in the corner of my screen during a meeting—I can keep my finger on the pulse of the business and ask my team highly contextual and data-driven questions.”

To learn more, including how the real-time insight New Relic provides came to Colin and Matt’s rescue on Cyber Monday in 2016, read the full AEO customer case study: American Eagle Outfitters Ensures a Seamless, Omni-Channel Shopping Experience for Customers.


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