Amazon + New Relic FTW!

In yesterday’s post, we talked about how proud we are to serve our over 12,000 customers using Amazon Web Services. Today, we’ll take a closer look at some of these customers by revisiting our case studies with Zumba, Fanzter and Applicake.

Zumba Fitness Ensures Superior Online Customer Service
Zumba Fitness logoZumba® Fitness is a global lifestyle brand that fuses fitness, entertainment and culture into an exhilarating dance-party workout. The company uses its global online stores to offer a variety of consumer products in every continent and in more than 80 countries. By 2011, with over 2,000 requests per minute, 1 million unique visitors and 35 million total visitors each month, Zumba was presented with unique application performance challenges and knew it needed an efficient and effective way to monitor and manage application performance.

After trying a combination of homegrown options and open source tools, Zumba finally turned to AWS and New Relic. The company now uses more tha half of the 20 services offered by AWS and that’s helped Zumba simplify the scaling process to support highly dynamic ‘follow the sun’ traffic loads.

New Relic became a core component of Zumba’s performance strategy and allowed the company to not only identify issues, but also dig down and uncover their root causes. New Relic’s Real User Monitoring (RUM) feature was particularly valuable and helped Zumba deliver superior performance to all of its customers all over the world.

“New Relic is essential to Zumba’s ability to grow our business worldwide. It helps us scale for growth. It provides our CTO and technical teams the information we need to monitor performance all the time and helps us prioritize our work by pointing out the next performance opportunities. We love the tool. It’s intuitive and easy to use.”

—  Douglas Jarquin, Technical Operations Manager at Zumba

Read the full Zumba case study here.

Fanzter Boosts Web and Mobile App Performance
Fanzter logoFanzter is a small company with a big presence. Its popular websites and mobile apps like Coolspotters.comCoolPapers, Streaks and Summizer help consumers find cool, new content and stay up-to-date on the latest celebrity news, fashion, and style. With over 32 million page views a month and well over 20 million users, Fanzter needed a scalable environment and way to ensure superior app speed and performance, both critical components to driving the company’s revenue.

Fanzter chose Amazon EC2 and New Relic. Amazon EC2 gave Fanzter the elasticity, flexibility, and reliability they needed to build failure resilient apps. New Relic’s feature rich service, with features such as Real User and Server Monitoring, allowed them to manage performance in real time, and quickly perform root causes analysis.

“New Relic lets me sleep well. Knowing that my apps are monitored all the time and more importantly, knowing that I understand my apps’ performance characteristics allows me to make informed decisions. I know what ‘normal’ is and I have the tools to let me know when there is a problem. New Relic guides me as I dig in and find out why and what to fix.”

Joshua Warchol, VP of Technology at Fanzter

Read the full Fanzter case study here.

Applicake Turns Up the Heat
Applicake logoApplicake is a software development company that specializes in developing custom Ruby web applications, iOS applications, and native Android applications for clients around the world on Amazon Web Services.

Originally Applicake used multiple products for reviewing and understanding errors, and server monitoring. Their team had to dig through log files, error reports and server density from different sources to find and resolve problems – a tedious and time consuming process. The company knew they needed a faster and more efficient way to fix these issue and turned to New Relic for application performance management and monitoring.

Applicake began pinpointing performance problems almost immediately. They used New Relic to see exactly what was going on with each application and quickly resolved any issues. And today, they use New Relic to monitor all of their applications.

” … with Server Monitoring and the new mapping feature, it’s a ‘must have’ for running complex web applications. New Relic is a superior product and we, at Applicake, count on it every day to save us time and effort.”

— Mateusz Zawisza, Sys Admin, Applicake

Read the full Applicake case study here.

But Wait There’s More!
If you’d like to read more about how we help our Amazon Web Services customers optimize their web performance, check out our other case studies with Movember, 99designs and Wooga.

And don’t forget, as part of our long-standing relationship, AWS customer get a a free New Relic Standard account to monitor their apps in real time, track end user experiences, and diagnose and eliminate bottlenecks. Together, we’ve created an unbeatable combined solution that allows our customers to deliver innovative, scalable applications with the highest standards of app performance. If you’re an AWS customer, sign up today.

Using New Relic & AWS Elastic Beanstalk to Build Scalable Apps
Next week we’ll finish our series with a more technical post from Chris Kelly, our Developer/Evangelist. In the post, Chris will describe how you can use New Relic and AWS Elastic Beanstalk to build scalable apps.'

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