Modern banking has largely moved out of physical branches and into the digital world. More and more customers are opting for the convenience of doing their banking online from home, or even while on the go via smartphones or other mobile devices.

Financial institutions that want to offer customers the best digital user experience possible need technology that’s flexible, reliable, and most of all secure.

alkami logo Alkami Technology is banking on its software as the answer.

The company provides online and mobile banking solutions for credit unions and banks, both as a licensed on-premise product as well as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering.

Just like its namesake, Alkami strives to turn lead into gold—that is, to transform ordinary online banking into something special for financial institutions and end users alike.

Synchronization across the company

The Alkami team wanted to focus on optimizing the end-user experience for its digital banking customers, but it didn’t have a way to track and monitor the performance of its applications to gauge how well it was doing.

sean mcelroy of alkami

Sean McElroy, VP of IT and Security, Alkami

One challenge was that its platform is very dependent on the performance of third-party systems such as credit card processors and mortgage systems. “Without data that showed the source of a performance issue, we would spend hours and hours trying to manually debug our system, when in reality the problem was outside of our system,” explains Sean McElroy, Alkami vice president of IT and security.

The company started using New Relic APM to monitor the daily health of its SaaS solution, helping it to scale from 10,000 to 1.7 million end users without impacting customer experience. It soon began relying on New Relic Browser, New Relic Server, New Relic Mobile, and New Relic Plugins to get a holistic picture of all aspects of its system performance.

“With the New Relic Platform, we get deep metrics across all the interdependent parts of our application,” says McElroy. “It gives us great synchronization across the company—from the board of directors to our support staff—because we’re all looking at the same data.”

Business insight for everyone

The information New Relic is able to provide is so useful, says McElroy, that the company has set up screens throughout its offices that cycle through many of the custom dashboards employees have built to monitor different parts of the system. This includes real-time information that wouldn’t normally be part of APM monitoring but that McElroy says is specifically important to him and his team.

Alkami founder Stephen Bohanon appreciates the easy access to this level of insight, which gives him “not just a developer’s view of what’s happening in the system, but a business owner’s view of what’s happening in the system as well.”

Bohanon’s advice for other growing companies? “You’re going to make a lot more mistakes and you’re going to spend a lot more money without New Relic than you will if you use it.”

To see how New Relic helps Alkami reduce response time for a critical service from two seconds to less than 200 milliseconds, read the complete Alkami customer case study and watch the video below:


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