Agent SDK Now Supports: External Transactions, Non-Web Transactions, Custom Categories, and Custom Metrics

We’ve been busy these past few weeks churning out new features for the Agent SDK. Using the Agent SDK, you can now instrument external transactions, monitor background tasks or any non-web transaction, create custom categories to organize your transactions, and record custom metrics.

What New Relic features does the Agent SDK support?

Since we now have quite a few supported features with our latest release, we put together this handy summary of all the features in the Agent SDK Beta today, how you can get them, and where you’ll see results for each:

  • Transactions (web and non-web): Use our API to identify the beginning and end of a transaction.

    Results: Overview dashboard and Transactions dashboard

  • Map: Automatically included.

    Results: Map dashboard

  • Custom Metrics: Anywhere in your code, make an API call to define and record a custom metric

    Results: Custom dashboards

  • Database Transactions: Use our API to identify the beginning and end of a code segment that performs a database transaction. (Note: Slow SQL not yet supported)

    Results: Overview dashboard, Database dashboard, and Transaction Traces

  • External Services: Use our API to identify the beginning and end of a code segment that performs an external service.

    Results: Overview dashboard, External Services dashboard, and Transaction Traces

  • Errors: Anywhere in your code that handles a transaction error, make an API call to identify the error.

    Results: Overview dashboard and Errors dashboard

  • Transaction Traces: A trace is recorded when a transaction time exceeds the trace threshold (4 x ApdexT). A trace is made up of code segments you instrument using our API.

    Results: Transaction Traces

  • Key Transactions: A Key Transaction is identified using the New Relic APM UI.

    Results: Key Transactions

  • Custom Attributes: Anywhere in your code that handles a transaction, make an API call to define custom attributes.

    Results: Errors dashboard and in Transaction Traces

  • SSL: There is a local configuration option to turn SSL on or off (on by default).

    Results: n/a

  • Apdex: Use the New Relic APM UI to change apdex settings for your app server and Key Transactions.

    Results: Overview dashboard

  • Changing Transaction Type: (Automatically included) If you are an account administrator or owner, you can configure alert policies for applications, servers, and Key Transactions.

    Results: Overview dashboard

  • Custom Category Names: Use our API to set a custom category name for a transaction

    Results: Transaction Traces

  • Let us know what you think!

    We hope this was helpful! To hear about some of the latest things we (and our customers) are doing with the Agent SDK, check out our last blog post.

    As always, if you have any feedback for us, or want to let us know about some of the work you’re doing with the SDK, we’d love to hear it! Just drop me an email with your thoughts, or post a topic in our Community Forum.

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