Advanced Performance Analytics: Case Studies and Technical Demo [Video]

New Relic APM is designed to provide deep visibility for developers and operations professionals to build, deploy, and maintain great modern software applications. But that’s only the first step. By using New Relic Insights on top of APM, we can also help engineering and operations leaders make critical decisions on prioritizing development efforts, increasing efficiency of application support, and further improving the user experience for key customers.

Meet Advanced Performance Analytics

Put it all together and it’s called Advanced Performance Analytics (APA), the category of performance analytics focused on analyzing application performance data against relevant business factors, such as customer segment, regions, revenue, and so on.

Hosted by New Relic Insights product marketing manager Ankush Rustagi, the video below shows how real New Relic customers—leaders in both dev and ops functions—have fine-tuned their analysis of APM data with New Relic Insights to deliver on APA for their key applications and provide broader visibility on key performance metrics across their organizations.

To show you how to do that yourself, Ankush also runs through a technical demo of the features that allowed these customers to do these analyses.

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What APA does

If you’re a New Relic customer who is new to APM and Insights, or you’re curious about what APM plus Insights can do for you, this video will explain what APA is, how it’s different than APM, and what problems it can help you solve. Specifically, Ankush will show you how to use Advanced Performance Analytics to tackle such tough questions as:

  • How do I decide whether to invest engineering resources into new features versus fixing technical debt?
  • How do I determine which browsers, operating systems, and versions I need to support?
  • How do I track SLA compliance for our top revenue-generating customers?
  • How do I track the clickstream of specific customers when a support issue comes in?

For example, the CTO of an e-commerce operation discovered issues in his company’s ordering pipeline, but didn’t have a way to measure them, much less fix them. APA helped him hone in on the areas where orders were failing to be completed by segmenting orders by such facets as regions and browser version. Identifying the problem at that level of detail made it much easier to resolve the issues.

For a deeper dive into APM, New Relic Insights, and Advanced Performance Analytics, watch the whole video below:'

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