ActiveState partners with New Relic; will offer free app performance management tool to its customers

activestateWell, it’s no secret that a few enterprising companies are already taking advantage of the opportunity to develop their own solutions based on Cloud Foundry’s open source platform. One such company is ActiveState, which, as it was revealed last week, is building a platform called Stackato on CloudFoundry. We are pleased to announce today a new partnership with Active State in which Active State customers will be eligible to use New Relic free of charge to monitor, troubleshoot and tune applications deployed on Stackato.

Currently in beta, Stackato extends Cloud Foundry to support Python and Perl in addition to Java, Ruby, Node.js, Scala and Erlang, and makes it enterprise-ready for creating a private PaaS on top of a virtualization platform such as VMware’s vSphere. With free New Relic (available when Stackato is GA), Stackato users will be able to monitor end-user experiences and application performance live 24×7, proactively diagnose performance bottlenecks at the code level, and better ensure superior online service delivery for their critical apps.

Today, Bart Copeland, ActiveState’s President & CEO said “As more and more organizations migrate their business-critical systems to public and private cloud environments, they increasingly turn to solutions like Stackato and New Relic to give them the speed, control and visibility they need to be successful. The key is providing easy-to-use tools that reduce complexity so that development teams can concentrate on building value for their customers, not worrying about the challenges of configuring and administering middleware systems. We believe our integrated end-to-end offering of Stackato and New Relic achieve this.”

We are looking forward working with ActiveState to make it easier to deploy and maintain web-apps in the cloud!

Join the beta!

Check out the beta and see how easy it can be do to get up and running on Stackato (available as a micro cloud VM). Or head over to the ActiveState blog for their announcement about Stackato and New Relic.'

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