How Much New Relic Are You Using? New Account Usage Feature Reveals the Answer!

We are all data nerds and the right data, presented well, can help us all succeed. With than in mind, New Relic is delighted to announce general availability of our new Account Usage feature.

With this feature, New Relic customers are now just a couple of clicks away from more easily seeing exactly how much New Relic products they are using. This feature currently covers usage of New Relic APM and New Relic Browser, and we believe there’s room to expand this feature into our other paid product lines.


account usage apm screenshot

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The usage data in Account Usage is designed to be simple but powerful. The Account Usage user interface was crafted to make it easy to select a time period (month or year) and optionally to compare it to another time period. If you have sub-accounts, usage can be summed across your sub and master accounts. Importantly, usage is displayed in the appropriate units for each New Relic product—for example, APM information is shown in “average hosts” while Browser data is shown in “page views.”


account usage browser screenshot

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Flexibility to meet your needs

When you first become a New Relic user, Account Usage can help you see how much New Relic you and your colleagues are consuming. As your New Relic deployment grows, Account Usage lets you look at what you’ve used in the past to help refine your capacity planning and budgeting. If your business is seasonal, the year-over-year comparison capability in Account Usage makes it easy to see how your New Relic usage, and thus the usage of your monitored applications, compares to the previous season.

Try it out today: You’ll find a link to Usage in the top of the left navigation within your Account Settings screen. And you can learn more about Account Usage in our Documentation site.


Account Usage access - very small


We’d love to know what you think of the new feature, and what Account Usage capabilities you’d like to see next. Please join the discussion in our Community Forum.

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