As mobile traffic continues to offer significant growth potential for companies looking to generate revenue from digital channels, mobile web performance continues to gain importance. With the Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project, mobile web pages can become lighter and up to 85% faster than regular mobile web pages. Faster pages are more popular with users; equally important, perhaps, faster pages also result in higher rankings in Google Search. So far, nearly 600 million AMP pages have been indexed by Google, and New Relic is proud to announce beta support for AMP pages in New Relic Browser.

The insight delivered from New Relic’s beta support of AMP pages can enable our customers to compare, benchmark, and gain understanding of how their pages impact customer experience. Companies interested in a deeper view of their AMP pages can compare page load time against their pages on desktop browsers, and they can filter and facet this data to gain more detailed visibility into geographies, devices, browsers, and more.

AMP background

Launched in February 2016, Google AMP promised new and innovative ways for publishers to provide a better mobile user experience as well as enhance SEO placement. Since then, AMP has become an open source standard used by news publishers, e-commerce vendors, and mobile sites in many industries.

The success of AMP is largely due to restrictions on page formats. The size of AMP pages are reduced by removing almost all JavaScript and limiting content. In addition, images and content are hosted on Google edge servers, which can often deliver the pages to end users more quickly than pages hosted in a central location.

It’s all about mobile optimization

With beta AMP support, New Relic Browser now lets you compare the performance of your AMP pages against your desktop pages, as well as non-AMP mobile web-based traffic. Based on AMP’s strict requirements to host and build a page, AMP pages typically load faster, but Browser can help customers quantify “by how much?” Browser lets you view your page load performance across your AMP and non-AMP pages while still delivering our standard filtering and faceting capabilities that let you drill deep into your data.

AMP as events in New Relic Insights

AMP activity is captured in the ‘browserInteraction’ and ‘pageView’ event types, which are reportable in Insights, and let you run detailed NRQL queries on AMP data to investigate the performance of these pages. We’ve added an additional attribute to let you filter and compare AMP events to non-AMP events:

SELECT * FROM browserInteraction WHERE MobileOptimized = 'amp'
SELECT * FROM pageView WHERE MobileOptimized = 'amp'

With the AMP data stored as events in Insights, you can create customized Insights dashboards to measure the AMP performance, as show below:

browser amp performance dashboard

[click to enlarge]

AMP in New Relic Synthetics

With this beta AMP release, customers can leverage New Relic Synthetics to monitor AMP pages, and help establish baselines around the performance seen by end users. Customers can also monitor pages against their competitors’ pages to show how their performance compares in various markets.

Get started with AMP monitoring today

AMP monitoring is now available in beta to all New Relic Browser customers. The agent captures the AMP performance metrics and sends it to your Browser account. To get started with AMP performance monitoring, contact your account representative, and check out our technical docs for more details about the New Relic Browser AMP feature.


Ty Herbert started his career in e-commerce at Symantec. He spent nearly 9 years working on the Global online sales team, specifically on the online store. Ty then moved to NYC to join the tech startup scene, where he worked at Poppin, a stylish office supply company, and Borderfree, an international logistics company, and after a move to Portland Ty worked at Webtrends in the customer analytics space. Now happily back in the Pacific Northwest, Ty manages the Browser product at New Relic. Ty is happiest around his family and friends exploring the outdoors, often with a craft beer in hand. View posts by .

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