5 (Super Worthwhile) Things that Developers Can Do in Under a Minute

1. Choose between X-Ray Vision or some really good prescription sunglasses. (We’re looking at you, Warby.)

2. Guess how many rubies would actually fit into a python. Please assume the python is peckish.

3. Watch 1/60th of 60 Minutes.

4. Listen to an entire Ramones album.

5. Make a terrible life decision based on inauspicious advice you got from a fortune cookie. (The worst part: it wasn’t even your fortune cookie.)

Speaking of life decisions that will completely rock the core of your very existence, did you know it only takes 60 seconds to deploy New Relic and get this super-nerdy free Nerd Life t-shirt for your time? It’s true. These shirts are flying off the shelf. So don’t delay, but do DEPLOY.

See just how easy it is to get started with our Ruby agent in this video:

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