37signals improves Basecamp performance with New Relic RPM

37signalsWe are always looking for examples of companies and people using New Relic RPM to improve the performance of their Rails applications. There are few Rails Apps as well known or as widely used as 37signals Basecamp. So, how does a company like 37signals ensure they know how Basecamp (and their other applications such as Highrise, Backpack, and Campfire) are performing? How do they know what to optimize? They use New Relic RPM.

37signals recently posted an article on their blog Signal vs. Noise. The process they use focuses on using RPM for analysis of the application. With the areas that needed improvement identified, they focused on MemCache, MySQL optimization, and even hardware upgrades. All in the name of high performance for their customers.

Read on for their article

Thanks to our friends at 37signals for the excellent article!

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