From new products and features to groundbreaking research and significant customer milestones, 2017 has been another epic year for New Relic. So, as it draws to a close, we took the opportunity to look back and highlight some of the most memorable moments, achievements, and stories:

50% of the Fortune 100 now use New Relic. We now have more than 15,900 paid business accounts. Just as important, more than 51% of ARR (annual recurring revenue) now comes from the enterprise, and our list of high-profile customers continues to grow, with the additions of Dunkin’ Brands, Morningstar, 21st Century Fox, Carnival, John Hancock Financial, Red Hat, RELX Group (formerly Reed Elsevier), Scripps Network Interactive, and many others.


And we spent the year delivering new innovations for these customers. Here are just some of the things we delivered:

We debuted New Relic Applied Intelligence (NRAI), including Dynamic Baseline Alerts, NRQL Baseline Alerts, and New Relic Radar. NRAI is designed to do more than just leverage the latest buzzwords—it brings useful, applied intelligence, advanced statistical analyses, and machine learning to helpful services that give New Relic customers faster, smarter answers to the most pressing real-world tasks they face.

new relic infrastructure logoNew Relic Infrastructure became our fastest growing product ever. Introduced late in 2016, Infrastructure has since added more than 30 cloud integrations across Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. New on-host integrations include Cassandra, Nginx, and MySQL, and most recently for Apache and Redis. We also added support for StatsD integration and advanced alerting functionality as well as updated the Infrastructure SDK.

We previewed distributed tracing and alignment with the open tracing standard. With distributed tracing woven into the New Relic platform, customers will be able to track individual user requests end-to-end from the mobile or browser client all the way through the complex web of services that fulfill a request.

New support for Microsoft .NET Core. As Microsoft embraces a more open ecosystem with .NET Core, we announced New Relic APM support for .NET Core 2.0 on Linux and Windows.

Health Map’s innovative visualizations integrated our application and infrastructure monitoring data. Health Map delivers a combined view of all of your applications and the infrastructure hosts that the applications depend on. Better still, Health Map detects these relationships automatically—no configuration required!

We boosted the power and breadth of our frontend monitoring capabilities with new comparative charting for New Relic Browser and New Relic Synthetics as well as support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in New Relic Browser.


These products and features are all powered by our powerful cloud platform

New volume milestones: We now process more than 1.5 billion events and metrics per minute (400 times the number of Google searches per minute) and work with more than 50 petabytes of data! We have more than 200 unique services operated by more than 50 agile teams deploying daily.


We also remained dedicated to serving our community

We relaunched the New Relic Community for New Relic Explorers. This is the place to find help with New Relic products and agents, provide input on ideas for new features, and get info on security notifications. It’s also a great place to get started using New Relic with other newbies and to level up your skills with expert how-to advice.

We championed the rise of the Site Reliability Engineer. Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is becoming a hot topic for many digital teams, and New Relic has been at the forefront. We highlighted the SRE function at FutureStack: New York, and shared how we do SRE here. We even have tips on how to be a great SRE.

year in review: matthew flaming and liz fong-jones at FutureStack

New Relic’s Matthew Flaming and Google’s Liz Fong-Jones discuss the role of the SRE at FutureStack:NY

We delivered ground-breaking research on how the most important technologies are being used in the real world. As New Relic works to improve our products, we look deeply at how our customers are employing the latest technologies. That exclusive data is a source of useful research on How Docker Containers Are Being Used and the state of serverless technologies like AWS Lambda. Just as useful, we also commissioned original research into Achieving Serverless Success with Dynamic Cloud and DevOps.

Finally, we celebrated a successful FutureStack17 World Tour, including FutureStack: New York. In 2017 we moved our flagship 2-day FutureStack event to the Big Apple, and welcomed hundreds of customers, partners, press, and analysts. Headlined by Malcolm Gladwell and Ray Wang—not to mention New Relic founder and CEO Lew Cirne—the event was a huge success. And that doesn’t even count our satellite FutureStack events in London, Berlin, and Sydney.

year in review - malcolm gladwell on stage at futurestack

Best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell on stage at FutureStack:NY.

FutureStack: NY is also where we debuted the New Relic Cloud Migration Partner SummitOur partner ecosystem of system integrators, consultants, and value-added resellers joined New Relic execs and industry leaders for a collaborative day of presentations, panels, and networking. During the summit we announced the New Relic Navigators Partner Program, designed to help leading partners accelerate joint customers’ move to the cloud.

As New Relic heads into 2018, we’re confident the best is yet to come!'

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