Journalism is doomed, right? So people have been saying since the dawn of the web, and there’s no doubt the way we read the news has dramatically changed in the digital age.

For some news organizations, the challenge of adapting to that change has proved too great. For others, like France’s 20 Minutes, it presents an opportunity—to experiment, to improve, to evolve.

20 minutes logoLaunched in 2002, 20 Minutes is France’s leading provider of free news, reaching more than 21 million readers. With 11 print editions, the country’s third most-visited news website, and a mobile app, 20 Minutes produces both online and print content with a single team.

“Every one of our 100 journalists creates and publishes content on our website and iOS/Android application,” explains CTO Aurélien Capdecomme. “Then, overnight, our editors use that content to create the print versions of the newspaper.”

To make this approach possible, Aurélien and his team had to totally overhaul the company’s content management system, creating a brand new PHP-based backend publishing platform. Doing so under major time pressures meant that, in the beginning, they had to move fast and break things: “With the first release of the new platform, we had many errors and performance was very bad,” he acknowledges.

Real-time reporting for real-time reporters

Thankfully, some of Aurélien’s colleagues had previous experience with the New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform, and suggested the company give New Relic a try. The improvements came quickly.

“We deployed New Relic and then spent a month addressing the errors and performance issues it found,” says Aurélien. “We were able to improve performance significantly and we even ranked better in Google.” With the insights provided by tools like New Relic APM, all of 20 Minutes’ applications became much more stable.

Since then, New Relic has become as crucial to the company’s technology team as a notebook is to a reporter. At 20 Minutes’ Paris headquarters, four big dashboards display real-time insights into application and website health—data that Aurélien’s colleagues and company leaders appreciate. “Every day, our CEO comes into my office to ask me how performance is,” Aurélien says. “So every day he gets a New Relic report.”

Vive le journalisme!

As it continues to ride the galloping horse of 21st century news, Aurélien knows it can count on New Relic to deliver 24-hour breaking news when it comes to app and site performance. “Every one of our developers uses New Relic,” he says. “That’s not going to change.”

To learn more about how New Relic helps 20 Minutes stay ahead of the news cycle, read the full 20 Minutes customer case study.

drapeau francaisLisez l’étude de cas en français: 20 Minutes fait la une grâce à New Relic


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