15 New Members Join New Relic Affiliate Program

Our AffiliatesThe New Relic Affiliate Program was launched in November 2008 with the goal of providing a way for Rails development organizations to use RPM to assist their clients and then get a referral fee for having made the recommendation.

It seemed like a win-win-win kind of scenario when we created it.

  • The end client gets an application that performs well and gets the industry leading monitoring tool to keep it that way.
  • The Affiliate gets a happy client, a tool he can use to stabilize and improve the apps he works on, and a fee if the client decides to subscribe to a paid version of RPM.
  • And New Relic gains a customer.

It looks like Rails organizations of all kinds agree. This month we added 15 new members to the program. The new members this month are: ActionRails, Blue Box Group, Christopher Redinger, Curve21, Delve Networks, FreeAgentCentral.com, Indiana Ruby Brigade, IntersectNYC, ProjectLocker, Qualtech-Consultants, Sevenwire, SF Ruby Group, Webbynode, Webficient, and WTA Consulting.

Bill Lapcevic manages the Affiliate Program for New Relic. Bill has created the program to be very easy to join and give Rails companies immediate benefits including use of a RPM Gold for their own apps as well as those of their clients for trial period. User Groups and Meetup Groups can also enroll in the program so that their members can gain discounts on RPM subscriptions or use the referral fees to fund their group.

For more information on the program go to our website Affiliate page. You can also send an email to Affiliates@newrelic.com.

Congratulations to the new Affiliates. Thanks for joining the program.


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