Case Study: 140 Proof Serves Ads on Social Streams at Lightning Speed Using New Relic

140 Proof logoFounded in 2009 by Jon Elvekrog and John Manoogian III, 140 Proof is the first premium advertising platform for social media. It connects millions of digital shoppers and sharers via real time interest graph targeting. The company’s Targeting API analyzes hundreds of thousands of public data points and serves target ads depending on a user’s persona.

Brands create ads via 140 Proof that appear above or beside the social streams of relevant users. Since the ads are natively integrated into social and mobile apps, they can easily be replied to or shared, potentially multiplying the reach of the ad and lowering the advertisers’ cost. To deliver ads at lightning speed at any location, the 140 Proof engineering team maintains a geo-distributed cluster of servers.

From the start, 140 Proof knew they would need excellent real time performance monitoring and management to be successful. Using Interest Graphs to develop persona based online ad marketing programs is a classic big data analysis challenge. Using New Relic, the company monitors three custom applications that drive their business model.

140 Proof started using New Relic in 2010. Since then, the company has evolved their use of the service and now it is integrated into their high-velocity, rapid deployment model. This allows the company to push code changes to their API cluster several times an hour.

“With New Relic, we’re able to quickly identify and remediate a slow query,” says John Manoogian III, the Co-Founder and CTO of 140 Proof. “Inefficient queries can be optimized and decoupled from the main API loop by moving them into delayed jobs, and that ‘Kaizen’ (continuous feedback) loop, powered in part by New Relic, has yielded massive performance improvement over time.”

Since installing New Relic, the 140 Proof team has seen a four-fold improvement in response time. John and his engineering team place a high value on New Relic’s real time performance management strengths, as well as how New Relic presents information. “New Relic lets us slice and dice our API cluster reporting to get real time views of our performance as seen from the rest of the world which is critical for us,” observes John. “The quality and readability of the graphs are generally better than anything else we’ve seen.”

As an engineering culture, New Relic helps the team proactively identify and correct performance problems before they reach the production environment. “Our company is built around engineering culture,” says John. “We believe in building, doing, measuring, and iterating. Engineers like to own their destiny, including the performance of their code. New Relic’s web UI makes it easy for us to link responsibility for performance to the team through every step of the lifecycle. It’s definitely saved us headcount and salary dollars, but most of all, the ownership and accountability that every engineer has just makes us better. New Relic is criticial in that process since it provides every engineer the information they need about their code and how it performs.”

See the complete case study to see how New Relic helps 140 Proof serve ads at lightning speed using New Relic.'

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