A $100-Million Milestone for New Relic and Data-Driven Businesses


Earlier this week, New Relic announced an additional $100 million round in funding for the company. With this investment, we plan to continue to build products designed to delight our customers and to expand our presence worldwide. You can read our press release here.

We see the chance to expand our offerings and reach as great news for data-driven organizations and data nerds everywhere. Why? Because we believe that every company today is actually a software company.

Software applications – on the web and on our mobile devices — help us stay connected all day long, often with our favorite brands. And, within every organization’s software are events that record customer behavior and interactions, which can be tapped to answer all sorts of technical and business questions.

At New Relic, we have dedicated ourselves to making sense of these billions of data points within your software. We call this category of solution Software Analytics.

Software Analytics starts with things you probably recognize. For example, it includes New Relic’s Application Performance Management (APM) capabilities– what you know us best for so far – which can gather data on software performance, whether it’s for a web application or a mobile app. The customer’s experience, no matter where it runs, is vital to software-driven companies. Understanding the health of your app is an important key to understanding your customer’s experience interacting with your brand.

In addition, there are lots of questions – business questions — that Software Analytics can help answer by enabling customers to tap deeper into all the data held within the live production software. Products like New Relic Insights are designed to help you answer this expanded list of questions.

To our customers and partners, thanks for the confidence in us to date! We look forward to helping you (those who join us along the way) to build the future of modern software.


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