Yay! Java on Heroku! See a live demo with Heroku and New Relic this Wednesday at Dreamforce.

If you didn’t see it, Heroku announced yesterday it will be officially supporting Java.  AWESOME! Adam Wiggins, one of Heroku’s founders, wrote yesterday in his blog post that

“Java is, by many measures, the world’s most popular programming language. Our desire is to be as inclusive as possible.”

Great to see our long-standing partner extend their platform!  And of course it makes perfect sense considering Salesforce’s background, but it’s also a great step forward for the PaaS community. At New Relic we aim to be inclusive, too.  Given today’s ‘polyglot‘ development environments, it was just a matter of time before the leading PaaS providers started offering support for multiple languages and frameworks.  We followed the same course, albeit at a faster clip, due to our diverse customer base. We started in Ruby, and quickly followed that with Java, PHP, .NET and now Python (private beta).  With yesterday’s Heroku announcement, it seems all/most of our PaaS partners are moving to support multiple languages:  Engine Yard (Ruby) purchased Orchestra (PHP), PHPfog changed their name to AppFog, etc, etc.  These are officially exciting times!

Regarding Java and Heroku specifically, Adam said it best on their announcement:

“Using Heroku’s platform to run Java apps finally solves the impedance mismatch between application containers designed for traditional software distribution, and the modern world of software-as-a-service.”

As an add-on catalog partner with Heroku, we share thousands of customers with them. That’s why it was important for us to work closely with the Heroku team to ensure compatibility between our Java agent and their new Java platform. We are pleased to say that it works like a charm! In fact, if you are going to be at Dreamforce next week and want to see New Relic’s Java agent in action on Heroku, we’re serving up a live demo on Wednesday:

Instrumenting and Analyzing Web Apps Deployed on Heroku
Wed, Aug 31, 12:30-1:30pm
Developer Theatre
Morten Bagai, vp product mgmt, Heroku; Brian Doll and Abhishek Goswami, application performance engineers at New Relic.

We look forward to supporting Heroku’s ever-growing customer base with our APM tool for years to come, regardless of programming language. More than 25% of our customer base are managing and monitoring multiple languages within our single solution.  It will be fun to support thousands more thanks to Heroku’s trailblazing announcement today.

We’re just getting started.


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