Web Developers Wanted (Help build NewRelic.com… and more!)

We’re hiring a web developer to make the New Relic website a better experience! Apply here!

If you love to work on front-end web experiences, using CSS, jquery, and a bit of rails, then we’d love to have you join our marketing team! We’re test-obsessed, aren’t afraid to try new things, and consider ourselves growth hackers more than normal marketers.

Our Culture?
It’s hard to describe a company culture in writing — the words just don’t capture the essence. To at least try to capture our unique culture, we put together this video to display what we think know is a special environment to work in. We’re growing fast these days, and are hoping to find smart, awesome, cool, happy people to join our family. Speaking personally, this is the BEST PLACE I have ever worked in my entire career, so I am looking to make those feelings last by making sure we grow the team with the same quality people I have the pleasure to work with already.

So… watch the video, please!

What are we looking for?
We’re looking for smart, driven, talented people who are a cultural fit — and you’ll know whether you are a cultural fit after meeting us (so apply today!). We are a caring, warm, problem-solving family of a company. We work hard but have a very clear understanding of work life balance: Life is more important than work. We have two primary offices – San Francisco and Portland – each with their own unique-yet-similar vibes. So if you’re nearby, apply!



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