Webbynode Integrates RPM into ReadyStacks

WebbynodeWebbynode is a provider of Virtualized Hosting Environments for developers of applications using Rails, Django and LAMP stacks. They also support a busy community of developers creating stacks for other app environments. The application stack created by Webbynode is optimized for deployment of Ruby on Rails applications running in Webbynode’s computing environments (Webbies). They have created a simple, one-click approach to deploying your app into their hosting environment, called a “ReadyStack.”

Today we are announcing that Webbnode and New Relic have collaborated to integrate RPM with the Webbynode Rails ReadyStack. Using the Webby Manager, Webbynode users can create an RPM account and immediately begin monitoring their Rails apps. More than 20 customers have already begun using the combined RPM-ReadyStack solution.

“Webbynode created ReadyStacks to be a very simple solution for developers who want to easily deploy applications into our hosting environments, which we call Webbies.” said Carlos Taborda, Founder of Webbynode.  Carlos works with a team of top-notch developers from all over the world including teams in Brazil and Florida. Carlos makes it clear that “we are not re-selling Amazon or anyone else. We manage our own datacenters, our own servers, etc.”

Webbynode’s Webby Manager, which includes RPM integration is available immediately. See www.webbynode.com for details. Webbynode users who already have an RPM account can enter their license key when prompted. New RPM customers can create a free RPM Lite account.

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